Remote Software Solutions (RSS) is a dynamic consulting and software development house delivering quality products and services to clients globally with offices in the UK and India.

We are a vibrant and dynamic software development team operating on a global model dedicated to providing high quality IT Solutions to our clients.

We offer corporate and individual development solutions, based on best of breed technologies.

Our unique approach allows total solutions to be developed using an onshore offshore model. Today’s communication technologies allow us to share information live – through screen sharing, webcams, voice and file sharing – allowing us to complete full system requirement studies completely offshore, even for large projects, without any compromise on information security.

When you approach us you don’t need to have a complete project plan ready for development – all you need is the requirement for to make things work better. Our skilled analysts will examine the requirement and propose the solution to you.

So whether it is a small innovation to generate automatic reports from your data, or a complete Resource Planning system whether you need a simple static website to showcase your service or a powerful data driven website, all you really need to do is Contact Us