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When you need more than is available from mass market commercial off the shelf software, the solution is likely to be bespoke software. When we develop software for a specific customer, we are able to accommodate their specific requirements and preferences so that they no longer need to make compromises.

We are able to offer a wide range of bespoke software services in a number of fields. These include web, mobile and desktop applications along with systems Integration.

Bespoke web applications include the development of unique attractive websites that are designed to make life easy for your customers; that are tailor made for your specific business; which can be integrated with your business functions, the analysis of your business data, and connected to your social media.

In our mobile world ever more companies require mobile apps targeted at their specific business; business that fail to do so are falling behind the rest. Outsourcing bespoke app development is the only sensible approach, and the one that is guaranteed to deliver value.

While off-the-shelf (OTS) desktop applications are able to address many business requirements, they almost inevitably mean that compromises regarding business practices need to me made. Naturally OTS software developers aim at providing universal solutions that will maximise their customer base. Generally this results in product bloating, software systems that are far too complex, and user interfaces that are far too confusing for ordinary business needs.

Bespoke desktop applications mean that you can choose the business practices that are optimised for your business rather than changing them to fit in with the way OTS software is written. The result is your employees will be more productive and your business more profitable.

The potential of systems integration is far reaching. It can save development costs by extending the life cycle of legacy systems and applications; it can integrate your various business activities and functions; it can give business to power to respond rapidly to changing circumstances; and cloud based integration is, for many businesses, becoming unavoidable.

Over recent years the business model has changed, with the emphasis having been refocused on core activities. Businesses can no longer afford to spend time and money on activities that are no longer core, and for most of them that includes software development.

While developing bespoke software locally can be an expensive option, developing it offshore is far more cost effective. However there is far more to sourcing it offshore than cost savings. When you outsource your development you gain access to a whole new level of skill and expertise with the assurance of creativity and quality.


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