MS SQL Server 2014


Microsoft Business Intelligence with SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Business Intelligence Edition is relational database server software.

It includes all of the features in the Standard SQL Server Edition and adds premium tools for corporate and self-service business intelligence, which allows Data management & analysis solutions that:

• Identify factors that result in contributions.
• Explore donor relationships.
• Measure the effectiveness of services and the benefits and costs associated with them.

The Microsoft BI “stack” works with a range of other Servers, services and solutions from Microsoft and other vendors as well as other structured sources of data.

Major Capabilities of the Solution

Basic Functionality: SQL Server includes basic database, reporting, and business intelligence (BI) analytics functionality.
Online Transaction Processing: The OLTP engine allows quick access to large amounts of data.
Online Analytical Processing: The OLAP multidimensional model allows you to analyse multidimensional data from multiple perspectives and in a tabular model.
PowerPivot and Power View: PowerPivot integrates with Excel and SharePoint to share data, and Power View provides a graphical analysis of it.
Business Intelligence Semantic Model: The BISM tabular model provides a simple method for analysing business data.

Shown below is a typical Architecture that illustrates a Business Intelligence Semantic model which is built around Microsoft SQL Server.