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In our modern world there is an increasing requirement on businesses to provide technical support for their customers in the form of a product support help desk, and excellent standards of customer support are expected; in fact a failure to provide this is a rapid way to lose customer loyalty and perhaps go out of business.

Over the years there have been huge changes regarding how customer support services are delivered. The product support help desk whether it is based in-house or outsourced is an integral part of the whole business and the focal point from which the organisation can engage with customers who require information and services, who might wish to complain, or who have other issues. It can be the one opportunity a company has to retain a dissatisfied customer, or to convert an enquiry into a sale. The aim of a product support help desk is to create a happy and satisfied customer and achieving this should be its primary purpose.

Maintaining an effective and efficient product support help desk poses a number of challenges. It must be staffed by a workforce that is skilled, capable, qualified and motivated; it must have the latest technology to enable the staff to deliver the best possible experience to customers; it must be managed effectively; and it must be cost effective. While with the exception of the final point all of these are achievable, the final point can be a show stopper, and it is the primary reason so many organisations choose to outsource their product support desks to cheaper places such as India.

Naturally such outsourcing would be a counterproductive move if it resulted in a decline in quality. As stated, the function of a product support help desk is far too important to allow it to be compromised by providing a quality of service that is anything less than excellent. Possibly in the early days of help desk outsourcing there were some quality issues that needed ironing out, but today the quality of the best help desks based in India are at least on par with in-house help desks, and sometimes better.

The cost savings afforded by outsourcing help desks are able to provide organisations with a significant competitive advantage while enabling them to increase their focus on core activities and to improve their bottom lines.

The benefits of outsourcing your product support help desk

The main benefits of outsourcing include:

• Locating a product support desk in India where the running costs are considerably less provides substantial cost savings
• Using a dedicated support desk team means that the cost of identifying, managing and training staff is minimised
• Skills and knowledge are retained within a highly motivated team with reduced rates of attrition and high levels of customer service
• The organisation is able to focus on core activities safe in the knowledge that high quality product support is being provided to its customers
• Reduced support overheads moving to a flexible cost base rather than fixed overheads of employing your own team along with capital investment
• Time proof solution without the need to reinvest in new technology by leveraging the latest technology utilised by the outsource provider

However it is also important to reduce the costs, and many companies have discovered that the optimum solution is outsourcing their product support desk to India. And while reducing costs is an important motive it isn’t the only one; quality of service, speed of response and quality of information are all vital and a necessary part of maintaining a competitive position in today’s increasingly competitive world.


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