Archiving and managing the information life cycle of documents are two of the most important components, if efficient ECM comes into focus. With the windream Archive, you can always rely on data security. And the information life cycle management component enhances your IT by an efficient module for handling the editing and archiving periods of any document type.

Why windream? Of course, the windream long-term archive fulfils the required demands completely. Besides the general advantages, the software also differentiates itself from other products by further features. The nearly unlimited volume of data and the close cooperation of the archive software with the windream ECM-system are only some aspects among numerous other facts.

The windream archive can be used as a standalone archive solution separately and in combination with the windream ECM-system. It also cooperates with most different hardware storage technologies.

Windream MSQ

It’s a versatile scanning and indexing application that enables documents scanned to be added into the WINDREAM. It can also be used on scans that have been created on a multifunction device. It allows the user to independently scan the documents and index it separately to add into the WINDREAM folders this allows anyone to scan the documents and the users with knowledge on the system to index the documents separately.


Ccapture is capable of handling much larger volumes of scanning and I also capable of a degree of automation in term of reading or identifying bar codes and performing OCR, with the ability to run validation and auto population, Validation can be against an external data source, Ccapture can be set up to identify a mismatch and alert a chosen use. Ccapture is also able to upload captured data to another location via the use of FTP.


Winmail is a plugin for Microsoft outlook and is used to retrieve emails directly from outlook and to file these away under the Windream system. There are two separate modes which it can be used once it has been installed. The first is with an existing document or email in the system and there is an icon on the tool bar which will allow you to do this, an index card pops up this can be an winmail index card depending on how the system has been configured. This can then be populated in the normal way. The second mode is Windream saving the email directly into Windream or you have another option send and save.


Ccweb is an online application that allows clients to view documents online, viewing documentation can be restricted according to object types and fields based on the rights given to the user.

Windream Imaging

Windream Imaging is a Windream add on piece of software that can be used to scan a document and make adjustments to the image(s) before indexing the file account to the select object type.

windream Filesystem Archiving

Made by windream, reliable and performant. With the windream file system archiving solution, we address users who do not need complicated ECM-functions to administer their documents, but who only want to archive data in a compliant and inexpensive way. Frequently, companies and institutions, but especially smaller offices do not necessarily need the complete range of ECM-functions. These organisations only want to archive documents and any other information securely. With the windream file system archiving module, users of these companies decide in favor of a most modern product which can be extended by specific system enhancements any time.

windream Exchange

The most convenient way to archive e-mails! With windream Exchange, windream users are equipped with a modern and extremely powerful software solution which allows you to archive e-mails of Microsoft’s Exchange Server completely automatic and manually. windream Exchange offers windream users a decisive additional value, if they want to administer their electronic messages efficiently. Another important factor is the relief of the mail server and also the complex but easy to use windream ECM-functions with which messages can be edited and administered much more conveniently than on the Exchange Server itself. Even a targeted search operation can be conducted very easily. windream offers compliant mail archiving which fulfills all legal regulations.

windream Web Portal

Secure, fast, reliable and independent of time and space: The windream Web Portal allows authorized users worldwide access to all information saved in the windream ECM-system via the internet. With the windream Web Portal, companies use the internet as platform for global access to information stored centrally on a windream Server. This will lead to improved competitiveness, and the success can be measured. All business process can be managed much quicker. Additionally, the windream Web Portal offers many application sectors. Authorized users can access documents from any place of the world and view, edit, archive or save new documents this way.

windream for SAP-applications

Good news for SAP-users! forget the strict separation between SAP-applications and the numerous file formats of the Windows world. windream SAPcommand and ArcLink close the gap bewteen SAP-applications on the one hand and convenient ECM on the other. Integrated software worlds: windream SAPcommand and windream ArcLink exactly do what users have already been requesting for a long time now: the integration of different software worlds into one single system. With windream for SAP-applications, SAP-users gain profit from the advantages of a top product like windream – without having to leave their common IT-environment.

windream extensions

From Proxy-Servers to Import Managers: Adjust the windream ECM-system to your personal needs by integrating individual add-on products. Expand your windream system by specific components which will help you manage all your business-related information. The list of extensions currently available are – Windream Doc View, Windream Imaging, Windream Mobile, Windream Proxy-server, Windream SDK, Windream Share drive, Windream Signature, Windream To Go and Windream XML Import Manager.

windream integrations

From Medico to SharePoint: windream integrations into third party products will also contribute to simplify the handling of complex document collections. Implementations of modern storage solutions, connections to branch-specific applications, to scan solutions and to Microsoft SharePoint count amongst the available integrations provided by windream. Some of the available integration packages are – Kofax Capture for windream, windream for Centera, windream for Medico//s and HL7 and windream for SharePoint.


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